ardless of its credit status


monthly bills for utilities. Simply enrol the card details to the scheduled payment, and it will immediately set a particular day or date for when the payment needs to be credited. It’s way faster than queueing and paying by cash.


When activating the card, it may cost the user a particular amount. But this is the only fee linked to that, unlike in regular credit cards exceeding from its available balance that may incur additional charges, depending on the excess amount. So far, with prepaid credit cards, the only clear fee is the one paid upfront. Besides, there’s no way someone can ovhe card details to the 

The card is available to anybody, regardless of its credit status, employed or unemployed, as long as that person is old enough to perform transactions, then it’s good to go. The credit history of the user has got nothing to do with it. The most crucial part is to maintain the balance of the card if it is the reloadable type. If it’s the single-use, then it may need the owner to buy a new card, should they wish to use it somewhere else.


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